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As most of you know, among being a wannabe fashionista and foodie, I am a public relations professional by day. I eat, live, and breathe PR! Not even kidding right now. When I attended this session at the 77th Annual Florida Public Relations Association Annual Conference on “Best Practices for Leveraging Instagram as a PR Tool,” I began to become consumed in a PR high and SO excited to share what I learned.

8 Tips for Instagram Success

  1. Get creative with your content – Nobody wants to see the same content every day. Have fun!
  2. Humanize your brand – People love to learn about people! Go behind-the-scenes and share successes of your team or client stories.
  3. Post frequently – But don’t get crazy! Posting 3 times a week should be your max unless it’s event oriented.
  4. Reward the behaviors you want to repeat – If someone posts about your product or comments on a IG post, engage with them by commenting back or regramming.
  5. Be smarter about hashtags – Create and use hashtags that are unique to your brand and relevant to your audience.
  6. Increase engagement – Once again, engage in online conversation with your followers.
  7. Create an Instagram style guide
  8. Be professional

According to a study conducted by Simply Measured, brands received 12% higher engagement on photos with hashtags and 76% higher engagement on photos that are geotagged.

8 Examples of Insta-creativity

  1. Themed content campaign – Create a theme that is eye-appealing and be consistent throughout the campaign.
  2. User-generated content campaign – Have followers use a specific hashtag on their photos and regram them. This helps generate content and engagement!
  3. Influencer takeover – Partner with industry-related influencers to have them do an Instagram takeover. Celebs oftentimes do this for brands they love! (Example: Jessica Alba with Honest Company)
  4. Insta-mob – Have influencers use hashtags with photo on certain day/time.
  5. Filter-driven storylines – Microsoft is an excellent example of this!
  6. Cross platform – Share via Facebook and Twitter to increase exposure.
  7. Insta-zine – Created a magazine on Instagram! Example here.

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All of this genius information was given by Heather Whaling, President of Geben Communication. She was full of Instagram knowledge! I hope you got as much out of this post as I did. I look forward to using her tips to expand my own brand!

You’re welcome & Happy Instagramming dolls!


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