My Currently Crazy Life


My life has been a little wild the past month and full of changes and big decisions and lots of prayer. Many of you know, I’m an engaged gal to the man of my dreams, Gregory. {Truth is, we went to the courthouse in February to assist in buying a home, but we still wanted to traditional wedding.} Anyways, all of the plans were set and the double-digit countdown had begun for the wedding on October 17 and then an opportunity arose.

My fiance is not only a police officer, but also a marine. If any of you know anyone in the military, it’s in their blood to want to be deployed and fight for our country in some capacity. Gregory is no different. I truly admire those in the military and their selflessness even in the most important times of their lives. He was offered a deployment opportunity too good to pass up, but it happened to be he would be leaving before our scheduled wedding. I’m pretty sure just about any woman in their right mind would go Bridezilla at this point and shoot down the possibility, but I felt otherwise. For the past two years in my PR career, Gregory has been by my side, countlessly helping me set up and clean up events, having wine ready for me after a hard day at work, speaking words of encouragement and being my rock. In my heart, God was telling me to let Gregory take the opportunity and allow him to shine after all that he has done for me and so I told him “go for it.” 

Recently, I had coffee with a 99-year-old WWII vet with truly the sweetest soul. Not only has he fought for our country, but he has cared for three loved ones with Alzheimer’s…including his wife of 67 years. Of course, I asked him what his secret was to a long & happy marriage:

“Honey, the longer you’re married, the more you realize it’s a 50/50 deal. You’ve got to always work at it, never give up, and realize it’s okay to give in sometimes for the one you love.”

I will cherish these words forever and start living by them now. Marriage is 50/50 and so I’ve given in and am embracing this exciting time for the love of my life. I am at complete peace with everything. We have changed our plans to include an intimate ceremony on the beach in a week and a half. YEP! That soon and a mini celebration afterwards.

When I lay my head down at night, I feel as though this is exactly what God wanted for us. Gregory will be gone until July 2016, which will be very challenging, but I know with God and friends and family that anything is possible.

Thank you to everyone for their support! We are so excited for August 29 and to finally be publicly known as Mr. and Mrs.!


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