Becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Every little girl has Disney fairytale dreams for their wedding and as we mature into women we create secret Pinterest boards to plan our entire wedding from our dress to our flowers all while getting quite tipsy on a bottle of wine even though we may or may not have an engagement ring on our finger…at least, this is totally how my wedding dreams went! Don’t lie. You know you have THAT kind of Pinterest board. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You know what you want and that’s “sexy” from what I hear.

I had my entire wedding planned, save the dates sent, and deposits paid and we had a shift in plans. A shift that we both agreed on and supported each other on, but this shift would move our wedding up TWO MONTHS! In power mode, Greg and I worked together and I must say our wedding was absolutely everything we could ever want and more! Yes, we planned TOGETHER! The way it should be in my opinion.

From the beginning of planning, we knew we wanted something simple with minimal people. We wanted only the people who were involved in our relationship to be there. I bought a new dress to go with our beach theme, we sent email invites to our closest friends and family, booked a friend for our photographer and partied like it was 1969! On August 29, 2015, I finally became Mrs. Brandi Gomez. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much taking that last name means to me. Greg and I have been off and on since I was 16 and seven years later, I can call him my husband. I am #BLESSED. I have a love that people lust for. A love that is comfortable yet exciting and full of adventure. A love that is surrounded by the support of my family and friends. And a love that is driven by God and His plans for us.

August 29 will go down as one of the happiest and best days of my life. With 50 of our closest friends and family on the coast of the beautiful Pensacola Beach, we said “I do.” These will single-handedly be the most important two words I will ever say and I cherished every moment of saying them. These are just a few photos from me and Gregory’s special day. Enjoy!

First Look
First Look – I have been waiting for a reaction like this my whole life and it finally came to life!
I had my Mom & Dad walk me down the aisle.
I had my Mom & Dad walk me down the aisle.





This was a mutual decision, but I had icing up my nostril pretty much all night haha
My beautiful Maid of Honor and sister, Madison.
My beautiful Maid of Honor and sister, Madison.


These gals mean the world to me!



PS – For all of you gals planning weddings, my biggest advice would be to do what YOU want to do. You don’t have to have a big wedding. You don’t have to wear a long gown. You don’t have to serve fancy food. Do what makes YOU and your fiancé happy. Your wedding is about you and starting off your future happy. If simple is what you want, do it. If over-the-top princess wedding is what you want, DO YOU BOO!


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