Minnie Mouse in the House

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays! It’s the one day a year that you can be whatever you want to be without judgment. Holllllla! I’ve seen so many precious DIY costumes this year and I’m loving it so much that I decided to raid my closet for a DIY look acceptable for the workplace. Minnie Mouse in the house y’all!



IMG_2923 (2)

I couldn’t help but feel sassy in this look! Although, I do wish I would have had red shoes. Oh well! DIY costumes are seriously so easy and chances are you have so many different looks in your closet that you didn’t even think of. Here are some links to a few of my faves: 

| Alice in Wonderland – White Rabbit | Cat Burglar | Mary Poppins | Bambi Makeup |

I hope y’all have a safe & Happy Halloween! Enjoy being a kid for a night!


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