Blanket or Scarf?

This is what I was asking myself as I got ready to run some errands this weekend. I’m a lover of scarves! You just throw one on top of your layers and you’re good to go. OOTD perfection!


It’s no surprise that blanket scarves have been a huge hit the last couple of years. Bitches love scarves + blankets! Whoever thought of this fabulous phenomena, THANK YOU! All of us girls who love food and binge eating during the holidays love you. The blanket scarf rates up there with leggings in my book. Thanks for condoning my holiday shenanigans and providing nonstop comfort.

I paired this Aztec print blanket scarf with a pair of my fave skinnies and boots and was ready to tackle all of the crazy last-minute Christmas shopping.






| Blanket Scarf | Sweater – sold out, but love this one | Skinny Jeans | Boots | Hat | Earrings | Bracelets |


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