All About the Overalls

I’m a proud 90s baby! I can’t tell you how excited I am that 90s style trends are popping back up. From choker necklaces, platformed shoes, and overalls…my heart is singing. When growing up, overalls were a go to for my mom when getting me and my sister Madison ready. They’re so easy and comfortable!

When I went shopping through Old Navy (shocker, I know haha), I immediately had these overalls catch my eye and I HAD to get them in denim and white. And let me tell you, overalls have come up in the world. Say goodbye to the buttons on the side. Ladies, we now have zippers on the hips. Um HECK YES!

I wore this look and felt like a total kid again. Not gonna lie, I was in a fabulous mood all day because of them. It’s truly the little things! I paired them with my fave pink chucks, a white tshirt and ball cap for the ultimate casual look.








| Overalls – only $35 | Denim Chambray | White Tank | Pink Converse | Yankees Ball Cap old, but love this one | Watch |

I get this asked all the time, “so why the Yankees?” Well, I know I’m from the South but I love New York City and part of my heart will always be there! I cannot wait to go back!


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