Makeup Brush Must-Haves


Truth: You can have the fanciest and most expensive makeup, but if you don’t have the right tools then you basically spent a lot of money on nothing. And don’t you dare tell me that using your hands is perfectly acceptable…WRONG!

Having essential quality makeup brushes are imperative to that highlight being on fleek. I mean, come on, do you really think Beyonce is #FLAWLESS without makeup brushes. I’m sure her glam squad has all of the brushes you could ever want. For this post, I’m sticking with sharing my must-have brushes for every day use…and they won’t break the bank. Winner winner chicken dinner! Just click the brush titles to shop 🙂



Premium Beauty Sponge – This is my all time favorite sponge blender and it’s a fraction of the cost of designer sponges. It’s big and is my every day blender for foundation, councilor, and baking.

M439 | Deluxe Buffer – The perfect brush for flawless foundation with that perfect airbrush finish.



E4 | Angled Contour – I actually use this for blush and it works awesome on cheek bones.


M523 | Tapered Powder – All of us ladies desire that sharp contour. This brush is it!


E3 | Precision Pointed Powder – Fluffy brush and great to cleaning off translucent powder.


M441 | Pro Firm Blending Crease – Exactly what it says! This brush is the best fluffy brush for blending eyeshadows.

M433 | Pro Firm Blending Fluff – I use this to pack on eyeshadow.

E36 | Detail Crease – Amazing for sharp details and highlight on the inner corner of your eye.

M432 | Flat Liner Definer – I love using this for shadow eyeliner and on the lower lash line for a sexy smoky eye.

E39 | Mini Lip Detail – Literally everything when it comes to cleaning up liquid eyeliner. I use a little bit of makeup remover and create the sharpest liner point. Slay all day!



M438 | Pointed Contour – Contrary to the title, this brush is great for concealer and creates a smooth finish without creases.

Flawless Beauty Sponge – Similar to my foundation sponge, this is amazing for concealer.


M501 | Pro Pointed Blender – This is technically for blending larger areas, but the fluffy hairs make the brush ideal for highlight. Spray a little fix plus and you’ll be glowing from outer space.



HH | Square Snakeskin Case –  This is my ride or die! I used to hate packing brushes because they would fray or get bent up from being squished. This hard case keeps my brushes organized and in like-new condition no matter where I am traveling.


This eye mask from The Couture Kitten is too cute and also makes for a good stocking stuffer! She also has the cutest graphic tees! Shop:

These are my ride or die makeup brushes for every day. I absolutely love Morphe Brushes. They are a fraction of the cost and the quality is high-end. You will definitely get your monies worth. They also sell a bunch of brush kits which are great, but if you’re looking to customize your makeup routine, I definitely recommend getting each of the brushes I shared. They are the perfect starting kit for anyone delving into makeup or wanting to improve their application.

And you’re in luck because Morphe has their Cyber Monday deal going on which includes an extra 25% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS WITH CODE: CYBER25

So basically if you bought all of these items, it would cost you $103 and that includes the case. That’s a steal!


PS I clean my brushes weekly with baby soap. Cleans so well and it’s gently on your brushes!



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  1. 11.28.16
    Stephanie said:

    Love this! I desperately need to update my makeup brushes!


  2. 11.28.16
    Nataly said:

    I love all your choices. I need to try Morphe brushes

  3. 11.28.16

    Girl, you are SO right! I’m such a germaphobe..using my hands has never been an option! I’ll have to check out these brushes. Your make-up always looks flawless!

    xo, Amanda |

  4. 11.28.16
    Belle said:

    Awesome choices! Love your makeup!

    One Awesome Momma

  5. 11.28.16
    Nicole Fuentes said:

    I’ve never used this brand of brushes but I do need a new blush brush. Great post girl!

    xx, Nicole

  6. 11.28.16
    Anonymous said:

    I have been wanting to try these brushes! Fab post <3

  7. 11.28.16
    Jenna said:

    Thanks for sharing about these brushes. I’ve heard great things about them, so I guess I need to check them out for myself.

    Cheers, J

  8. 11.29.16
    Leah said:

    I’m all about a nice soft make up brush & I’m in need of a new set!!

    x – Leah

  9. 11.29.16
    Whitney said:

    …and I love that eye mask! 🙂

  10. 11.29.16

    i must try this brand it looks so good! xx toby

  11. 11.29.16

    Great picks!! Love Morphe!

  12. 11.29.16

    The right brush really makes all the difference! Hugs, Kait