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So it’s been a month since I went to Austin, TX and this blog is way overdue, but pardon me please because I’ve literally had to recover from my food coma and kick my body back into the fitness grind from all of the delicious calorie-filled eats I ate while I was gone. When I say I ate the ENTIRE trip, I can assure you that I’m not exaggerating.

Me and three of my best friends decided on this trip because of the food possibilities. I’ve always heard people rant and rave over Austin so we set out on a bestie road trip with the vibe of #WILLTRAVEL4FOOD and it did not disappoint. And the food trucks! O M G!


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Everything on the menu is either served on top of a donut or with a donut. Need I say more?! Even their chicken and dumplings is actually donut dumplings and it’s served with a garlic parmesan donut. O M G! We went to the downtown location which is more of a dining style restaurant, but they also have a super adorbs food truck that sells some of the same food.


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Damn good tacos is right! So good that I ate here TWICE! Torchy’s is a place you just have to stop in while you’re there. I’m sure there are other great taco joints, but SO many people recommended this place. It’s super simple set up and the creativity behind the taco names is priceless. But that guac?! O M G life changing. And if they ask you if “you want it dirty?”….ALWAYS SAY YES 😉 Just means they put queso instead of regular cheese on the taco.


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By far my favorite hidden gem of the trip. I knew going into the food crawl journey that I wanted to find good tacos and good BBQ. I love trying the different style of BBQ when I travel. Almost every blog suggested Franklin Barbecue, but the issue is that you literally have to get there an hour before it opens just to get a decent spot in line. People were standing in the rain just to eat there. I’m sure that’s a sign that it’s delicious, but this girl gets hangry and doesn’t have time for that. Nestled about a half mile from Franklin Barbecue is the cutest little food truck Micklethwait Craft Meats and hands down the best BBQ I have ever had. And those jalapeno cheese grits! My cousin in Austin swears it’s THE BEST. So if you’re not about the wait and about trying something off the beaten path, this is it.


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Because it’s Voodoo. There’s a lot of hype around Voodoo and I can positively say that these donuts were BOMB! Such a cool vibe on the inside too. It’s just something you have to do when you find one. After all, Voodoo only has 7 locations.



View the menu HERE!

We also stopped in Dallas, TX for a night, so I have to share with you the cutest brunch place we found. If you go, you HAVE to stop by. I got pancakes with bacon cooked into them. YEAH AMAZING! It was such a fun vibe with lots of little bars nearby to make for a Sunday Funday after brunch.

See what I mean when I said all the calories. I’ve got no regrets. My taste buds were awakened! I could have stayed for a whole extra week because I didn’t get to try half of the good eats they had to offer…especially the food trucks. But if that’s what you’re looking for, Austin has these food truck parks all over the place. Some of the ones I got to briefly visit were some on 6th Street (especially Via 313 –  the best pizza and it’s in the backyard of a sick craft beer spot) and Lamar Blvd. But seriously, they are everywhere. I totally suggest doing a food truck crawl!

Happy Eats dolls!

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  1. 7.7.17
    Hales said:

    I just ate, and looking at this still made me hungry! Those look SO BOMB!

    xo, Hales |

  2. 7.7.17

    Currently making food and it no longer looks as delicious as all of this!! Oh my goodness haha thanks for sharing hun


  3. 7.7.17
    Linda said:

    These all look so delicious! Man, im Hungary now haha


  4. 7.7.17
    Brianne J said:

    I’ve heard that Austin has amazing food but this info is awesome for anyone who has plans to visit. So cool. Great pics too!

  5. 7.8.17
    Andi said:

    TORCHYS! I go every time I’m there – it’s soooo freaking good!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend babe. Love your photos and following along!

  6. 7.8.17
    Tanya said:

    GIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLL you had me at doughnut okay!!!! I have never wanted to visit Texas more !!! Well, I really want to visit but now I REALLLY need to visit haha looks like you had an amazing time, brb while I go drool!