Hello Blog Rebrand!

Eyeliner, Motherhood & Life…WING IT ALL.

Hello new motto and hello blog rebrand.

I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to finally have a blog that feels like ME. As y’all know, I’ve got roughly 8 weeks until I give birth to our first kiddo. It’s been quite the journey through trying to conceive, being pregnant and now realizing that I’m going to be a mom in a few short weeks.

And I literally know nothing. Legit don’t know how many times you’re supposed to feed a baby, how often they should nap or what teething rings are better than the other. Me = Clueless.

That’s probably a scary thought for most. Hell, I’m pretty scared myself. Motherhood is a beast.

But with all of that in mind, this is exactly why I knew I needed to change up the blog. After 5 years of blogging, which all started because of a PR project in college, I’ve grown so much as an individual. Blogging has always been my creative outlet and a place where I can express myself. Whether 2 people read the blog or 100 happen to like my Instagram post, this is the one thing in my life that’s for me and I’m damn proud of it.

I’m also a known control freak to most things in my life. With motherhood quickly approaching, I have realized that life in general is something that can’t be controlled. What’s that saying?

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

It’s completely true. I’ve really had to teach myself that it’s okay to Wing It All.

So here I am world: Brandi Gomez, an imperfect mess just trying to figure it all out. And this space is exactly where I’ll share those stories of being a new mom, dinner successes, DIY projects and everything in between.

I’m so excited for this adventure and to let y’all in some more on my life. I can’t thank each of you enough for your support.

Cheers to a new chapter and to the unknown road ahead! If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that the Gomez crew will be poppin’ a different kind of bottle coming soon.

– B –

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