Getting Rid of Under Eye Circles When You’re Tired as a Mother

Hello motherhood and hello tired eyes! All of my mamas out there can completely relate to the sleepless nights of having a newborn. Whether they are crying for food or you are awake watching the monitor for every little movement and grunt they make, the struggle is real.

Your sole focus is on this mini human, which can lead to a lack of self-care. For me, I’ve noticed the biggest change in my skin. When I was pregnant, I had that “glow” that everyone talks about.

Now, my skin is still pretty clear but I’ve got dark circles and bags…not the designer kind either.

I’ve always been one to use a daily moisturizer, but I knew that wasn’t going to cut it for the extra lack of sleep. It was time to get what my mother and grandmother swear by… an eye cream.

I’ve been using VIIcode’s T2 Oxygen Eye Cream for the last month or so and I’ve seen a great improvement in my under eye circles. I’ve noticed they are less visible and I overall feel more moisturized.

Before I start using any product, I look at the ingredients on the package. I tend to have sensitive skin and try to pick skincare products with simple ingredients. VIIcode’s T2 Oxygen Eye Cream actually includes elderberries, which is what is helping maintain my “glow” even after pregnancy. The eye cream also has jojoba oil to help regenerate those dead skin cells and evening primrose to boost blood circulation and brighten my tired eyes.

It’s also super easy to use. One thing that is not on a new mom’s side is time. I used to be able to enjoy long showers and take my time putting on makeup. Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore. I’m lucky if I can wash my hair without little man crying.

My skincare routine has to be low maintenance and quick. After I cleanse my face, I apply VIIcode’s T2 Oxygen Eye Cream and my moisturizer. It’s that simple! I also really appreciate how it doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. It’s got a nice whipped texture, leaving my skin feeling comfortable and I can sleep in the cream or even apply it before my makeup in the morning.

Another way to help with those tired eyes and dry skin is to HYDRATE. I know it’s super busy and parents often put themselves last, so it’s easy to forget to simply drink water. I’ve made a habit of drinking a bottle of water every time I have to feed Levi. Baby boy gets his nutrients and so do I.

Little things like drinking water and investing in a good eye cream can make the biggest difference in feeling normal again after pregnancy. Don’t forget to treat yourselves every now and then!

This blog post is sponsored by VIIcode. Opinions are my own regardless of compensation.

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