Last 90 Days Challenge – Are you ready?!

Hello October! Today marks the start of pumpkin everything as well as the last 90 days of the year and the DECADE. I just got done listening to the latest Rachel Hollis podcast all about the Last 90 Days challenge and I’m pumped up. I’m accepting the challenge and getting geared up to take on the next 90 days with just as much intention and purpose as I started the year.

I want YOU to join me in the challenge. Let’s end the year strong, create new habits and live our best lives. Why not start today?! Sign up here! You can also download the Last 90 Days tracker.

So what’s the #Last90Days challenge all about?

With the October kickoff, it also marks the last 90 days of the year. The purpose of the challenge is to live the next 90 days just as purposeful and intentional as you would when starting a new year. You have to promise yourself you’ll commit to doing 5 things every day for 90 days:

  1. MORNING ROUTINE – Wake up an hour earlier and stick to a morning routine. This is the time to knock out that simple workout, meditate, complete a devotional or knockout your Start Today journal. This is a time for YOU to get you off on the right foot to your day.
  2. WATER – You need to drink as least HALF your body weight in ounces of water per day. So for me, I’m around 150 lbs. so I’ll need to drink 75 oz. of water per day. That’s about 6 standard water bottles per day. I use this awesome motivating water jug to keep me going.
  3. GRATITUDE – This is not just sharing what you’re thankful for. It’s about looking at the last 24 hours and remembering those little things that make you feel grateful. You can capture these moments in your Start Today journal or just a regular notebook every day. And it’s not big things like your marriage or having a home. Keep it simple. For me, one of mine could be that Levi gave me the biggest hug and kiss before bed or Gregory swept and mopped the floor. Once you step into the habit of gratitude, you’ll find yourself looking for it in your daily practices.
  4. EXERCISE – Move your body 30 minutes a day. I’m not talking an intense crossfit workout or boot camp, it can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood or yoga in your living room. It’s just important you get your body active for a half hour a day.
  5. FOOD – Give up one food or food group that you know you shouldn’t have. This can be extremely challenging the last 90 days because of all the holiday gatherings that are surrounded by starchy sides and yummy treats. Try to give up one thing for 90 days or give up one thing for 30 and switch it up to something else. Balance right?!

I already know my biggest hurdles will surround getting up an hour earlier and saying “no” to all the good food. I am no morning person and the pregnancy cravings are real right now with all things that are not good for me. But again, I’m going to try and I’ve recruited some friends to help keep me accountable.

The official challenge kicks off Oct. 1 but with technically 92 days left in the year, you can sign up in the next day or two and be just fine! By signing up, They’ll also send you an email every Monday with tips and tricks to keep you on track.


If you’re down for the challenge, I hope you’ll join me and the thousands of other men and women taking it on. Make sure you share your progress on social by using #Last90Days and follow the creators themselves on Instagram at @MsRachelHollis and @MrDaveHollis.

In the words of Dave Hollis, LET’S GOOOOOOO!

-B –

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