Curious Youngsters: Why Do not Adults Play Like Kids?

Curious Youngsters: Why Do not Adults Play Like Kids?

Why do not adults play like our kids? Annie, age 7, Canberra

Hello Annie, what a intelligent query.

What made you ask this query? Have you ever observed adults pushing swings or texting on their cell telephones on playgrounds the place children appear to be doing every little thing: climbing, swinging, sliding?

In truth, most adults do not play on playgrounds. It is unusual as a result of the playground is a lot enjoyable.

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Play is so essential, why?

Most youngsters are specialists at play. As a result of play is likely one of the greatest methods to find out about your self and the world round you.

Play helps us transfer higher, suppose higher, think about, remedy issues, and play with others.

This goes again to your huge query. If play is so good and enjoyable for us, why do not adults play like kids?

There are lots of solutions, however I am going to share the 2 greatest ones.

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Adults have loads to handle.

First, adults must pay for lots of issues like meals, transportation and a spot to stay. This implies they must work to earn cash. And if in case you have kids, it’s important to handle them.

As such, grownup life might be nerve-racking and hectic. And one factor about play is that they really feel like Play enjoyable. When adults are drained or have too critical ideas, they do not really feel like enjoying.

However adults additionally have to play, they usually have many causes identical to kids. However even adults have to play to alleviate stress and worries.

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adults play too

So – and that is the second reply to your great query – adults have discovered a approach for adults to play. This permits them to maneuver, suppose, and remedy issues whereas interacting with others.

After they can now not trip slides or swing in parks, adults take up hobbies like stitching or skydiving. They might additionally wish to play video games with their associates, comparable to sports activities or board video games. You may also play on-line with your pals in your laptop or telephone.

Three adults laughing and smiling at the camera.
Even adults discover a method to play.

In truth, adults like to play a lot that they’ve costume up video games and events with many different adults. Adults even have their very own playground.

So the reply to your query is that adults do not at all times play like kids as a result of they’re busy and have loads to do. However they actually play, even when it is the opposite approach round generally.

Maintain enjoying and be curious, Annie.

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